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    New FenDongXiang on the use of the special vehicles
    Posted byadmin  date2009-9-29  click24987
    Traditional FenDongXiang products are mainly used in construction machinery vehicles and four-wheel drive. Engineering vehicles are mainly used FenDongXiang take power to drive the hydraulic pump simultaneously perform complex engineering work, four-wheel drive vehicle with a transfer case to improve vehicle performance, such as climbing, off-road performance driving performance. Traditional FenDongXiang in road vehicles and heavy vehicles use less, the current domestic use FenDongXiang road vehicles are mostly fire-fighting vehicles, and all other vehicles using the second engine (Vice-engine) to solve the operational requirements of the power output or accomplished using PTO PTO. Both power output technical performance requirements, but the cost is higher. As Second Vice-engine vehicles, will increase the total mass of the vehicle, but also in the process of moving, will increase fuel consumption, but also exist noisy, polluting emissions Japanese shortcomings. If the vehicle using the power take off, in the process of moving, the engine speed will directly affect the output of the power take off work, resulting in power take relatively unstable working status, follow-up work to bring great risks, leading to life shortened.   

    New FenDongXiang mounted three-dimensional map in the car chassis

       Therefore, the traditional full power FenDongXiang has great limitations, it can only be achieved at full power when the vehicle is stationary. This is because the full power FenDongXiang engaged, the front spindle rotation, the power transmitted from the engine drive transfer case, and then disconnect the spindle. At this point, the rear wheels lose momentum stopped, the vehicle stops.
         New mechanical hydrostatic gearbox will enable composite construction vehicles along with two kinds of mechanical transmission and hydrostatic drive transmission means, such as some vehicles need to be taken in walking ability, mechanical hydrostatic composite gearbox power take off at the same time can give rear axle transmission of power, move the vehicle. This product replaces the auxiliary engines for cleaning the car, changed the original case again with a red light or stop temporarily after the sweeper will be left under the chassis part of the garbage ills. It works as shown.

        New mechanical hydrostatic composite gearbox works by the transmission and drive axle disconnect between the drive shaft when the car when walking, transfer box gear synchronizer ring the front and rear axle gear to connect, transfer case on the PTO clutch can freely carry out or disconnected. When the engine speed is high, and the speed required unpleasant, can be synchronized splitter box clutch ring and piston motor connected to the gear, the gear side of the front PTO drive installed in its own variable FenDongXiang piston pump provides hydraulic power to drive the rear piston motors to drive cars traveling at low speed, the car running effectively hydraulic system to complete the system, while the other side of the front gear can install multiple power take off, so as to achieve a number of other power take-output requirements.
         Gearbox installed in the vehicle chassis between the gearbox and drive axle drive shaft. In mechanical transmission mode, the gearbox input shaft and output shaft directly connected to the vehicle to normal driving conditions; in hydrostatic transmission mode, the gearbox input shaft via a built-in clutch housing and output shaft detachment, side input shaft driven pump casing, the output shaft on the other side by the casing hydraulic motor, by controlling the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor of the closed hydraulic circuit between the control for stable running speed of the vehicle this closed circuit independent of the main hydraulic system. In some heavy-duty trucks, you can also connect the two hydraulic motors, in the cab via joystick control truck forward or backward, cabinet sides also equipped with an auxiliary output port can be used for construction vehicle auxiliary operational requirements.               

    Composite physical map hydrostatic gearbox

        The new gearbox will hydrostatic transmission parts and mechanical transmission parts casting as a whole, cleverly save space. It also has low noise, no emissions, etc., can greatly enhance the sweeper operating time and operating results. In addition, the FenDongXiang lower cost compared with the Deputy engine, the higher cost.
         New mechanical gearbox and supporting composite hydrostatic pumps and motors, several years in the field of private cars has been successfully marketing, has been widely used in tunnel washing cars, compressed garbage trucks, sewer cleaning trucks, street sweeper, salt shop car , road maintenance vehicle and airport fire engines and other municipal vehicles to meet the specific needs of a variety of vehicles.            

    Special Sweeper

        Currently, sweeper, sprinkler and other alternatives with FenDongXiang auxiliary engine project, our company has won the bid with Zoomlion Division, Beijing Municipal Zhong Yan engineering company, Tianjin Sweeper Wang and other companies to cooperate.

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